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Princes Warm TerrazzoPrinces Warm Terrazzo
Princes Warm Terrazzo Sale priceFrom $88.95
Western Terrazzo Kimberley
Western Terrazzo Kimberley Sale price$157.90
Radiance Terrazzo BeigeRadiance Terrazzo Beige
Radiance Terrazzo Beige Sale price$55.00
Deco Terrazzo Ivory
Deco Terrazzo Ivory Sale price$163.80
Angel White TerrazzoAngel White Terrazzo
Angel White Terrazzo Sale price$61.40
Peppy Terrazzo Light
Peppy Terrazzo Light Sale price$61.40
Peppy Terrazzo Beige
Peppy Terrazzo Beige Sale price$61.40
Orbit TerrazzoOrbit Terrazzo
Orbit Terrazzo Sale price$73.50
Royal White TerrazzoRoyal White Terrazzo
Royal White Terrazzo Sale price$49.00
Deco Terrazzo EarthDeco Terrazzo Earth
Deco Terrazzo Earth Sale price$163.80
Radiance Terrazzo CoffeeRadiance Terrazzo Coffee
Radiance Terrazzo Coffee Sale price$55.00
Resort Rainbow TerrazzoResort Rainbow Terrazzo
Resort Rainbow Terrazzo Sale price$96.50
Minera Stone Light Grey TerrazzoMinera Stone Light Grey Terrazzo
Minera Stone Light Grey Terrazzo Sale priceFrom $56.80
Deco Terrazzo Coral
Deco Terrazzo Coral Sale price$174.60
Radiance Terrazzo SilverRadiance Terrazzo Silver
Radiance Terrazzo Silver Sale price$55.00
Noble Terrazzo BlackNoble Terrazzo Black
Noble Terrazzo Black Sale price$86.15
Allegra Terrazzo White
Allegra Terrazzo White Sale price$53.59
Minera Stone Light Grey PaverMinera Stone Light Grey Paver
Venetian Porpora Terrazzo
Venetian Porpora Terrazzo Sale price$140.35
Venetian Grafite Terrazzo
Venetian Grafite Terrazzo Sale price$140.35
Venetian Calce Terrazzo
Venetian Calce Terrazzo Sale price$140.35
Deco Terrazzo Grey
Deco Terrazzo Grey Sale price$163.80
Finest Snow TerrazzoFinest Snow Terrazzo
Finest Snow Terrazzo Sale price$57.40
Finest Grey TerrazzoFinest Grey Terrazzo
Finest Grey Terrazzo Sale price$57.40
Minera Stone Medium Grey
Minera Stone Medium Grey Sale priceFrom $56.80
Deco Terrazzo Blue
Deco Terrazzo Blue Sale price$174.60
Noble Terrazzo Ice
Noble Terrazzo Ice Sale price$86.15
Noble Terrazzo Grey
Noble Terrazzo Grey Sale price$86.15
Princes Cold TerrazzoPrinces Cold Terrazzo
Princes Cold Terrazzo Sale priceFrom $78.95
Allegra Terrazzo Beige
Allegra Terrazzo Beige Sale price$53.59
Western Terrazzo Hervey
Western Terrazzo Hervey Sale price$157.90
Crypton Terrazzo Grigio
Crypton Terrazzo Grigio Sale price$153.67
Crypton Terrazzo Taupe
Crypton Terrazzo Taupe Sale price$153.67
Crypton Terrazzo Perla
Crypton Terrazzo Perla Sale price$153.67
Verbe Charcoal Terrazzo
Verbe Charcoal Terrazzo Sale price$66.55
Verbe Dark Grey Terrazzo
Verbe Dark Grey Terrazzo Sale price$66.55
Verbe Silver Terrazzo
Verbe Silver Terrazzo Sale price$66.55
Verbe White Terrazzo
Verbe White Terrazzo Sale price$66.55
Light Terrazzo
Light Terrazzo Sale price$45.75
Terrina SubwayTerrina Subway
Terrina Subway Sale price$221.00
Terrina Large SquareTerrina Large Square
Terrina Large Square Sale price$221.00
Terrina FingerTerrina Finger
Terrina Finger Sale price$221.00
Terrina BrickTerrina Brick
Terrina Brick Sale price$221.00
Minera Stone Medium Grey PaverMinera Stone Medium Grey Paver
Minera Stone Dark Grey PaverMinera Stone Dark Grey Paver
Resort Storm TerrazzoResort Storm Terrazzo
Resort Storm Terrazzo Sale price$96.50
Resort Fog TerrazzoResort Fog Terrazzo
Resort Fog Terrazzo Sale price$96.50
Resort Cloud TerrazzoResort Cloud Terrazzo
Resort Cloud Terrazzo Sale price$96.50
Western Terrazzo Esperance
Western Terrazzo Esperance Sale price$157.90
Deco Terrazzo Zinc
Deco Terrazzo Zinc Sale price$163.80
Terrazzo tiles are one of our most popular tiles, and for good reason: it elevates any design, look, or concept. Renowned for being easy-clean (a must for any bathroom!), you'll be sure to find a look you love.