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Folio Fontana TileFolio Fontana Tile
Folio Fontana Tile Sale price$244.75
Artisan Vienna TileArtisan Vienna Tile
Artisan Vienna Tile Sale price$269.75
Tetra Pavilion Tile |17 ColoursTetra Pavilion Tile |17 Colours
Folio Marlo TileFolio Marlo Tile
Folio Marlo Tile Sale price$244.75
Artisan Poco TileArtisan Poco Tile
Artisan Poco Tile Sale price$269.75
Silhouette Incise Patterned Concrete Decorative TileSilhouette Incise Patterned Concrete Decorative Tile
Artisan ProvenceArtisan Provence
Artisan Provence Sale priceFrom $215.00
Folio Shanelle TileFolio Shanelle Tile
Folio Shanelle Tile Sale price$244.75
Folio Flyaway TileFolio Flyaway Tile
Folio Flyaway Tile Sale price$244.75
Peppa Lotus TilesPeppa Lotus Tiles
Peppa Lotus Tiles Sale price$209.00
Infinity Richmond - Pressed Metal Design TileInfinity Richmond - Pressed Metal Design Tile
Infinity Koi Cotton Wall TileInfinity Koi Cotton Wall Tile
Riva Subway TileRiva Subway Tile
Riva Subway Tile Sale price$220.00
Riva Kitkat EmbossedRiva Kitkat Embossed
Riva Kitkat Embossed Sale price$215.00
Riva Finger EmbossedRiva Finger Embossed
Riva Finger Embossed Sale price$220.00
Riva Bejmat TileRiva Bejmat Tile
Riva Bejmat Tile Sale price$220.00
Artisan Fiesta TileArtisan Fiesta Tile
Artisan Fiesta Tile Sale price$269.75
Artisan BarcelonaArtisan Barcelona
Artisan Barcelona Sale price$269.75
Folio Young BirchFolio Young Birch
Folio Young Birch Sale price$244.75
Folio CenturyFolio Century
Folio Century Sale price$244.75
Terrina SubwayTerrina Subway
Terrina Subway Sale price$221.00
Terrina Large SquareTerrina Large Square
Terrina Large Square Sale price$221.00
Terrina FingerTerrina Finger
Terrina Finger Sale price$221.00
Terrina BrickTerrina Brick
Terrina Brick Sale price$221.00
Stanza Opus TileStanza Opus Tile
Stanza Opus Tile Sale price$189.00
Anthology Windsor Tile
Anthology Windsor Tile Sale price$220.00
Anthology Regent Tile
Anthology Regent Tile Sale price$220.00
Anthology Liberty Tile
Anthology Liberty Tile Sale price$220.00
Anthology Grange Tile
Anthology Grange Tile Sale price$220.00
Anthology Empire TileAnthology Empire Tile
Anthology Empire Tile Sale price$220.00
Silhouette Incise TileSilhouette Incise Tile
Silhouette Incise Tile Sale price$189.00
Silhouette Ringlet Patterned Handmade Wall TilesSilhouette Ringlet Patterned Handmade Wall Tiles
Silhouette Gyre Tile | 17 ColoursSilhouette Gyre Tile | 17 Colours
Silhouette Fettle TileSilhouette Fettle Tile
Silhouette Fettle Tile Sale price$189.00
Peppa Titan Black TilePeppa Titan Black Tile
Peppa Titan Black Tile Sale price$209.00
Peppa Shamrock Black 200x200Peppa Shamrock Black 200x200
Peppa Shamrock Black 200x200 Sale price$209.00
Peppa Regent Black 200x200Peppa Regent Black 200x200
Peppa Regent Black 200x200 Sale price$209.00
Peppa Paragon Black 200x200Peppa Paragon Black 200x200
Peppa Paragon Black 200x200 Sale price$209.00
Peppa Olympia Black 200x200Peppa Olympia Black 200x200
Peppa Olympia Black 200x200 Sale price$209.00
Peppa Meridian Black Light 200x200Peppa Meridian Black Light 200x200
Peppa Magnum Black 200x200Peppa Magnum Black 200x200
Peppa Magnum Black 200x200 Sale price$209.00
Peppa Icon Black 200x200Peppa Icon Black 200x200
Peppa Icon Black 200x200 Sale price$209.00
Peppa Icarus Black 200x200Peppa Icarus Black 200x200
Peppa Icarus Black 200x200 Sale price$209.00
Peppa Forte Black 200x200Peppa Forte Black 200x200
Peppa Forte Black 200x200 Sale price$209.00
Peppa Chelsea Black 200x200Peppa Chelsea Black 200x200
Peppa Chelsea Black 200x200 Sale price$209.00
Peppa Celeste Black 200x200Peppa Celeste Black 200x200
Peppa Celeste Black 200x200 Sale price$209.00
Peppa Capital Black 200x200Peppa Capital Black 200x200
Peppa Capital Black 200x200 Sale price$209.00
Peppa Caesar Black Light 200x200Peppa Caesar Black Light 200x200
Peppa Bellevue Black 200x200Peppa Bellevue Black 200x200
Peppa Bellevue Black 200x200 Sale price$209.00
Peppa Astor Black Ash 200x200Peppa Astor Black Ash 200x200

Buy Southern Cross Ceramics in Melbourne

Southern Cross Ceramics tiles have proven to be the epitome of elegance in the interior and outdoor areas. It is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality ceramic tiles. These precisely produced tiles are famous for adaptability and are widely used options for home improvement projects. They are the perfect solution to polish up your living room, kitchen, or bathroom.

Grand Tiling Concepts is your gateway to affordable Southern Cross Ceramics in Melbourne. We offer a versatile assortment of ceramic tiles made to meet your preferences. Our team of experts ensures that each tile is selected with precision and care, guaranteeing quality products for your projects. With many colours, patterns, and sizes options, you'll surely discover the perfect tiles to transform your space into a work of art.

Southern Cross Ceramics for Every Style and Budget

Southern Cross Ceramics holds the secret to transforming your home or business ambiences at affordable prices. Whether you favour traditional aesthetics or modern minimalism, you can find the perfect match from our collection of Southern Cross Ceramics. Since these tiles are reasonably priced without sacrificing aesthetic appeal, you can give your space the look you want. These ceramics are the material of choice among many homeowners. So, those looking to gracefully improve the interiors of their homes can rely on this harmonious mix of design and practicality.

We Offer Quality Ceramic Tiles for Your Homes

Ceramic tiles give a flooring solution that is attractive, low maintenance, and durable at the same time. When it's time for an upgrade for your floors, why not go with a stylish, long-lasting flooring option? Your home deserves the best in interior design and décor. Whether you're remodelling or building from scratch, our ceramic tiles can help. They can liven up the overall appearance of any home improvement project.

Whether it's a bathroom renovation, kitchen makeover, or an entire home project, we have the tiles that fit your requirements. At Grand Tiling Concepts, we understand the importance of durability and stunning visuals in your home interior. Our ceramic tiles represent quality craftsmanship and design. Moreover, you can trust their exceptional durability, as they are built to withstand the test of time. The best part is that these tiles add an element of sophistication to your spaces.

Visit Our Showroom to Speak to Our Team

Visit our showroom in Melbourne where you can immerse yourself in numerous wall and flooring tile options. Explore all the styles and choices we have to offer to choose the best option for your project—our team is always accessible to offer recommendations. Additionally, our website provides a user-friendly experience so you can shop online at your convenience. The process is simple—browse our extensive catalogue, request samples, and connect with our team for further assistance. Contact us to talk about your project, ask for a quote, or other concerns.

Discover a stunning range of ceramic tiles and designs at our showroom. Elevate your interior with Southern Cross Ceramics' quality and style. With us, find the perfect tiles to transform your space at various locations throughout the city. Our experts are committed to ensuring that your shopping experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.

We are one of the most trusted shops for flooring tiles including South Cross Ceramics in Melbourne. Let's begin creating the beautiful and affordable interior you've been dreaming of. Call us on 03 9530 5212 or email us at or visit our showroom - 485 St Georges Road, Thornbury VIC 3071 to explore the beauty of our Southern Cross Ceramics.