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Tundra White PaverTundra White Paver
Tundra White Paver Sale price$78.95
Tundra Grey PaverTundra Grey Paver
Tundra Grey Paver Sale price$78.95
Vortex White PaverVortex White Paver
Vortex White Paver Sale price$78.95
Prodigy Light Grey PaverProdigy Light Grey Paver
Prodigy Light Grey Paver Sale price$86.85
Minera Stone Light Grey PaverMinera Stone Light Grey Paver
Petra Marle Cinder PaverPetra Marle Cinder Paver
Petra Marle Cinder Paver Sale price$99.55
Montreal Stone Cinder PaverMontreal Stone Cinder Paver
Montreal Stone Cinder Paver Sale price$99.55
Montreal Stone Graphite PaverMontreal Stone Graphite Paver
Oxford Bluestone PaverOxford Bluestone Paver
Oxford Bluestone Paver Sale price$99.55
Vortex Silver PaverVortex Silver Paver
Vortex Silver Paver Sale price$78.95
Vortex Classic PaverVortex Classic Paver
Vortex Classic Paver Sale price$78.95
Prodigy White Paver
Prodigy White Paver Sale price$86.85
Prodigy Grey PaverProdigy Grey Paver
Prodigy Grey Paver Sale price$86.85
Prodigy Graphite PaverProdigy Graphite Paver
Prodigy Graphite Paver Sale price$86.85
Prodigy Cream PaverProdigy Cream Paver
Prodigy Cream Paver Sale price$86.85
Granite Charcoal PaverGranite Charcoal Paver
Granite Charcoal Paver Sale price$89.75
Ivy Silver PaverIvy Silver Paver
Ivy Silver Paver Sale price$89.75
Minera Stone Medium Grey PaverMinera Stone Medium Grey Paver
Minera Stone Dark Grey PaverMinera Stone Dark Grey Paver
Petra Marle Moon PaverPetra Marle Moon Paver
Petra Marle Moon Paver Sale price$99.55
Petra Marle Coal PaverPetra Marle Coal Paver
Petra Marle Coal Paver Sale price$99.55
Petra Marle Sand PaverPetra Marle Sand Paver
Petra Marle Sand Paver Sale price$99.55
Montreal Stone BeigeMontreal Stone Beige
Montreal Stone Beige Sale priceFrom $56.80
Montreal Stone Beige PaverMontreal Stone Beige Paver
Montreal Stone Beige Paver Sale price$99.55
Montreal Stone Light PaverMontreal Stone Light Paver
Montreal Stone Light Paver Sale price$99.55

Buy Pool Tiles in Melbourne: Add Beauty and Durability to Your Pool

In the heart of Melbourne, where contemporary living meets natural beauty, having a pool is not just a luxury; it's a reflection of the city's lifestyle. Pool tiles make for a smart addition to transform an ordinary swimming pool into an oasis of relaxation. Not to forget its timeless durability and everlasting elegance that elevates your swimming rituals every time.

At Grand Tiling Concepts, we understand the unique charm of Melbourne's poolside living. We offer an exclusive collection of pool tiles that are highly resistant to bacteria and mildew and are a time-tested waterproof system. 

Beautiful Pool Coping Tiles in Melbourne

Are you looking for tile options to use as the finishing touch to your outdoor pool area? Pool coping tiles are an option worth considering. Not only do they contribute to the overall appearance of your pool area, but they also ensure its longevity and safety. These specialty tiles form the edge or border surrounding a swimming pool and connect everything together. Unlike ordinary tiles, they are made to endure the challenges that come with swimming pool environments. This includes exposure to water, chlorine, and changes in temperature. In Melbourne, where the weather may be unpredictable, investing in pool coping tiles built for the local climate is critical to keeping your pool in good condition all year.

These specialised flooring materials are designed with modern features and finishes to provide exceptional slip resistance for enhanced safety. For homeowners looking to extend the life of their pool decks, these tiles are an excellent investment. Grand Tiling Concepts has an extensive range of pool coping tiles you can choose from. We carry all kinds of pool tiles that cater to various preferences. Whether you love the classic beauty of natural stone or the contemporary appeal of porcelain, we have you covered. With the right pool tiles, you can design a gorgeous outdoor oasis that showcases your home’s unique style.

Craft the Perfect Pool Deck with Our Pool Pavers in Melbourne

Transforming your pool deck into a luxurious haven requires the perfect blend of style, durability, and functionality. Pool pavers can help you achieve this. They are the ideal choice for building gorgeous pool decks that are resistant to Melbourne's weather. Unlike traditional tiles, these pavers are engineered to endure extreme weather conditions, from intense summer heat to torrential hailstorms, and everything in between.

Here are some ideas for creating a perfect pool deck with pool pavers:

  • Add Natural Stone Pavers: For a touch of refinement, consider using natural stone pavers like limestone or travertine on your pool deck. These tiles are incredibly beautiful and provide an opulent backdrop for your outdoor oasis.
  • Use Versatile Concrete Pavers: Explore the versatility of concrete pavers with their range of colours, shapes and textures. Whether you prefer the traditional brick wall look or the sleek modern aesthetics, concrete pavers offer endless design possibilities for your pool deck.
  • Incorporate Decorative Patterns: If you want to enhance the visual interest of your pool deck, incorporate decorative patterns or borders using contrasting pool coping tiles. From intricate mosaic designs to simpler patterns, adding a decorative touch to your pool deck can elevate its look.
  • Create Defined Spaces: By strategically arranging pavers of different sizes and shapes, you can delineate separate areas for relaxation, entertainment and outdoor activities. It creates defined spaces within your pool deck, such as seating areas, dining zones or fire pit areas.
  • Accessorise with Lighting: Illuminate your pool deck with outdoor lighting fixtures placed along pathways, stairs, and pool edges. LED pavers or in-ground lights can improve ambience and pool deck safety. This allows you to enjoy evening swims and outdoor gatherings long after the sun sets.

These durable pavers also provide outstanding slip resistance, ensuring a safe and comfortable surface for poolside relaxation and entertainment. If you want to improve the appearance of your pool area, Grand Tiling Concepts offers exclusive pool pavers in Melbourne. What sets our products apart is their versatility and customisation options. We offer a wide selection of colours, textures, and patterns to suit your unique style and preferences. Whether you prefer clean lines or rustic looks, we have the pool coping tiles to bring your concept to life.

How to Choose Your Pool Tiles

Whether you are renovating your old pool or installing a new one, these tiles should top your list for good reasons. Here are some of the vital factors to consider when choosing poolside tiles:

  • Climate: These tiles are exposed to sunlight all day long. The water also gets treated by pool chemicals from time to time. Choose poolside tiles that withstand varying temperatures and are resistant to moisture. Opt for materials like porcelain or ceramic, known for their durability against Melbourne's climate fluctuations.
  • Budget: Assess your budget realistically. Fortunately, there are various affordable options available, including patterned tiles, allowing you to strike a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness.
  • Safety and Maintenance: These tiles ought to be slip-resistant to offer a good grip under your feet. Additionally, easy-to-clean surfaces save you time and effort. By choosing tiles that are resistant to stains and require little maintenance, you can enjoy your outdoor space without the hassle.
  • Personal Style: Your personal style and design preferences should align with the pool deck tiles you choose. Consider the aesthetics you want to achieve, whether it's a classic look, a contemporary design, or something entirely unique. Look for tiles that complement your vision.
  • Amount of Traffic: Think about how much foot traffic your pool area will receive. If it's a high-traffic area, durable tiles that can withstand constant use and potential impact are essential. Look for tiles that are resistant to wear and tear.

Get Expert Advice on Choosing the Right Pool Tiles in Melbourne

Choosing the right pool tiles doesn't have to be difficult. At Grand Tiling Concepts, we have curated a wide collection of poolside tiles to meet your style and budget. Reach out to us for a comprehensive understanding of our pool tile installation process and advice.

Our selection includes robust tiles crafted from durable and resilient materials. These tiles are designed to withstand wear and tear while being exceptionally easy to maintain. Thanks to their non-porous nature, they repel stains effortlessly. Furthermore, with a diverse array of design options, our pool tiles offer a perfect blend of style and durability, making them the ideal choice for your outdoor area.

Before you place an order with us, you can always get check out the product by ordering a sample tile at just $3. Swing by our store at 485 St Georges Road, Thornbury VIC 3071 to check out our pool tiles collections. Call us on (03) 9530 5212. Alternatively, drop us an email at info@grandtilingconcepts.com.au