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Folio Fontana TileFolio Fontana Tile
Folio Fontana Tile Sale price$244.75
Artisan Vienna TileArtisan Vienna Tile
Artisan Vienna Tile Sale price$269.75
Folio Marlo TileFolio Marlo Tile
Folio Marlo Tile Sale price$244.75
Pattern Boost Bonita
Pattern Boost Bonita Sale price$53.90
Artisan ProvenceArtisan Provence
Artisan Provence Sale priceFrom $215.00
Folio Shanelle TileFolio Shanelle Tile
Folio Shanelle Tile Sale price$244.75
Folio Flyaway TileFolio Flyaway Tile
Folio Flyaway Tile Sale price$244.75
Artisan Fiesta TileArtisan Fiesta Tile
Artisan Fiesta Tile Sale price$269.75
Artisan BarcelonaArtisan Barcelona
Artisan Barcelona Sale price$269.75
Tunsia Floral GripTunsia Floral Grip
Tunsia Floral Grip Sale price$74.30
Tunsia Pique GripTunsia Pique Grip
Tunsia Pique Grip Sale price$74.30
Folio Young BirchFolio Young Birch
Folio Young Birch Sale price$244.75
Folio CenturyFolio Century
Folio Century Sale price$244.75
Heirloom Lotus Green Patterned TileHeirloom Lotus Green Patterned Tile
Kit Kat Ivory Glossy
Kit Kat Ivory Glossy Sale price$219.75
Kit Kat Lilac Matt
Kit Kat Lilac Matt Sale price$219.75
Kit Kat Anise Green Matt
Kit Kat Anise Green Matt Sale price$219.75
Kit Kat Sky Matt
Kit Kat Sky Matt Sale price$219.75
Kit Kat Grey Matt
Kit Kat Grey Matt Sale price$219.75
Kit Kat White Matt
Kit Kat White Matt Sale price$219.75
Kit Kat Snow Glossy
Kit Kat Snow Glossy Sale price$219.75
Kit Kat Grass Glossy
Kit Kat Grass Glossy Sale price$219.75
Kit Kat Ocean Glossy
Kit Kat Ocean Glossy Sale price$219.75
Modelli Square SandModelli Square Sand
Modelli Square Sand Sale price$149.00
Modelli Square PinkModelli Square Pink
Modelli Square Pink Sale price$149.00
Modelli Geo SandModelli Geo Sand
Modelli Geo Sand Sale price$149.00
Modelli Geo PinkModelli Geo Pink
Modelli Geo Pink Sale price$149.00
Modelli Diamond SandModelli Diamond Sand
Modelli Diamond Sand Sale price$149.00
Modelli Diamond PinkModelli Diamond Pink
Modelli Diamond Pink Sale price$149.00
Artisan MarrakeshArtisan Marrakesh
Artisan Marrakesh Sale price$269.75
Artisan MacintoshArtisan Macintosh
Artisan Macintosh Sale price$269.75
Artisan FlorenceArtisan Florence
Artisan Florence Sale price$269.75
Artisan FioreArtisan Fiore
Artisan Fiore Sale price$269.75
Artisan CologneArtisan Cologne
Artisan Cologne Sale price$269.75
Artisan BambleArtisan Bamble
Artisan Bamble Sale price$269.75
Rustic Deco Intonaco Matt
Rustic Deco Intonaco Matt Sale price$170.20
Lucciola Yeso MattLucciola Yeso Matt
Lucciola Yeso Matt Sale price$161.25
Saint Natural
Saint Natural Sale price$106.85
Saint GreySaint Grey
Saint Grey Sale price$106.85
Tunsia Carre Grip
Tunsia Carre Grip Sale price$74.30
Arena Mix TurquesaArena Mix Turquesa
Arena Mix Turquesa Sale price$134.60
Arena Mix GreyArena Mix Grey
Arena Mix Grey Sale price$116.90
Artisan MadridArtisan Madrid
Artisan Madrid Sale priceFrom $215.00
Artisan OsloArtisan Oslo
Artisan Oslo Sale price$269.75
Artisan WinchesterArtisan Winchester
Artisan Winchester Sale priceFrom $215.00
Artisan OxfordArtisan Oxford
Artisan Oxford Sale price$269.75
Folio HexologyFolio Hexology
Folio Hexology Sale price$244.75
Folio StadiumFolio Stadium
Folio Stadium Sale price$244.75
Folio PolkaFolio Polka
Folio Polka Sale price$244.75
Folio AlessiaFolio Alessia
Folio Alessia Sale price$244.75

Buy Patterned Tiles in Melbourne

Are you looking to redecorate your home? Patterned tiles could be your thing! The texture, creative detailing, and pop of colour can make any space fun, fresh, and uniquely yours!

Patterned tiles, a trend sweeping Melbourne's interior design scene, offer a unique blend of tradition and contemporary style. Melbourne, a city renowned for its creativity and design sensibilities, embraces these tiles as a means to infuse spaces with character and charm.  Patterned or designed tiles, with their intricate motifs and diverse colours, offer artistic expression and individuality to your decor.

At Grand Tiling Concepts, our patterned tiles collection combines beauty and functionality. Our products embody the fusion of quality, creativity, and affordability, ensuring sophisticated aesthetics. Visit our showroom to get a free consultation with our designers and discover more about how to use these tiles for your living space.

Patterned Floor Tiles in Melbourne

Patterned floor tiles are a classy option for Melbourne homeowners looking to add refined elegance and charm to their interiors. Unlike traditional tiles, these patterned designs present a unique opportunity to turn your room into a work of art. Furthermore, their intricate designs and varied colour schemes set them apart.

What also distinguishes these floor tiles is their adaptability to suit a variety of interior styles. There is a pattern to fit every taste and architectural style, spanning from traditional Victorian themes to modern geometric designs. You can easily improve your home's aesthetic appeal and leave a lasting impression on guests and visitors by installing patterned floor tiles.

Customise Your Space with Unique Designed Tiles

When talking about interior design, customising your space is the key to making your home truly unique. Decorative tiles, specifically tailored to individual tastes and preferences, offer an exceptional way to elevate your home decor. These tiles even work great for smaller spaces. Whether you opt for intricate geometric designs, floral motifs, or vibrant abstract patterns, these tiles transform your interior and exterior aesthetics. Customised tiles offer a timeless elegance that makes your space truly one-of-a-kind.

Our customised designed tiles bring your vision to life. Whether you're drawn to timeless geometric patterns, intricate floral designs, or contemporary abstract motifs, our selection caters to diverse styles and preferences. We source our tiles from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Our range encompasses a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes, allowing you to curate a decor that resonates with your taste.

Why Choose Our Patterned Tiles?

Patterned tiles are an integral element of interior design and elevate the look and feel of your living space. From outdoor tiles made of porcelain and marble to more precious options like mosaic and glass, Grand Tiling Concepts offers an extensive range of affordable tiles. However, there’s more than just why you should choose our designed tiles:

  • Durable and Versatile: Our tiles are highly durable, especially our ceramic tiles collection, which is an absolute favourite for modern homes. They can be used anywhere you like—walls, ceilings, floors, and fireplaces.

  • Endless Style and Colours: These tiles come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colours to fit design needs. Whether you’re looking for something bold or subtle, we’ve got a wide array of tile collections curated for you.

  • Ease of Maintenance: Our decorative tiles are not only visually appealing but also easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, ceramic and porcelain tiles are readily hypoallergenic, which makes it a great option for all those who are prone to allergies.

  • Slip-resistant: These tiles can be slip-resistant due to their textured surface, providing better traction and reducing the risk of accidents. This is especially true in areas prone to moisture like bathrooms and kitchens.

Get the Latest Trends in Patterned Tiles Designs in Melbourne

Not sure which tile would be the best for your living space? Get in touch with our tiling experts to discuss your requirements. If you would like to get a feel of your product, you can request a patterned tiles sample from just $3.

For all other queries on colour, design, or style, call us on (03) 9530 5212. Alternatively, you can write to us at For an in-store experience, visit our store at 485 St Georges Road, Thornbury VIC 3071.