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Astoria ShadowAstoria Shadow
Astoria Shadow Sale price$145.30
Tundra White PaverTundra White Paver
Tundra White Paver Sale price$78.95
Tundra Grey PaverTundra Grey Paver
Tundra Grey Paver Sale price$78.95
Vortex White PaverVortex White Paver
Vortex White Paver Sale price$78.95
Prodigy Light Grey PaverProdigy Light Grey Paver
Prodigy Light Grey Paver Sale price$86.85
Minera Stone Light Grey PaverMinera Stone Light Grey Paver
Spain Terra Dark TerracottaSpain Terra Dark Terracotta
Spain Terra Dark Terracotta Sale price$63.75
Tunsia Pique GripTunsia Pique Grip
Tunsia Pique Grip Sale price$74.30
Tunsia Floral GripTunsia Floral Grip
Tunsia Floral Grip Sale price$74.30
Tennessee WhiteTennessee White
Tennessee White Sale price$58.90
Bali PolichromeBali Polichrome
Bali Polichrome Sale price$105.75
Montreal Stone Light
Montreal Stone Light Sale priceFrom $56.80
Petra Marle Cinder PaverPetra Marle Cinder Paver
Petra Marle Cinder Paver Sale price$99.55
Montreal Stone Cinder PaverMontreal Stone Cinder Paver
Montreal Stone Cinder Paver Sale price$99.55
Montreal Stone Graphite PaverMontreal Stone Graphite Paver
Pom Stone Ivory
Pom Stone Ivory Sale price$140.35
Outdoor Universal Round Curved Spout - SS316Outdoor Universal Round Curved Spout - SS316
Oxford Bluestone PaverOxford Bluestone Paver
Oxford Bluestone Paver Sale price$99.55
Vortex Silver PaverVortex Silver Paver
Vortex Silver Paver Sale price$78.95
Vortex Classic PaverVortex Classic Paver
Vortex Classic Paver Sale price$78.95
Prodigy White Paver
Prodigy White Paver Sale price$86.85
Prodigy Grey PaverProdigy Grey Paver
Prodigy Grey Paver Sale price$86.85
Prodigy Graphite PaverProdigy Graphite Paver
Prodigy Graphite Paver Sale price$86.85
Prodigy Cream PaverProdigy Cream Paver
Prodigy Cream Paver Sale price$86.85
Granite Charcoal PaverGranite Charcoal Paver
Granite Charcoal Paver Sale price$89.75
Ivy Silver PaverIvy Silver Paver
Ivy Silver Paver Sale price$89.75
Minera Stone Medium Grey PaverMinera Stone Medium Grey Paver
Minera Stone Dark Grey PaverMinera Stone Dark Grey Paver
Outdoor Sink - SS316Outdoor Sink - SS316
Outdoor Sink - SS316 Sale price$635.45
Outdoor Shower Arm 400mm - SS316Outdoor Shower Arm 400mm - SS316
Outdoor Round Shower Rose 200mm - SS316Outdoor Round Shower Rose 200mm - SS316
Outdoor Kitchen Mixer - SS316Outdoor Kitchen Mixer - SS316
Outdoor Soap Dispenser Bracket - SS316Outdoor Soap Dispenser Bracket - SS316
Outdoor Robe Hook - SS316Outdoor Robe Hook - SS316
Outdoor Robe Hook - SS316 Sale price$62.73
Outdoor Wall Mixer - SS316Outdoor Wall Mixer - SS316
Outdoor Wall Mixer - SS316 Sale price$344.55
Outdoor Combination Shower Rail - SS316Outdoor Combination Shower Rail - SS316
Spain Mid TerracottaSpain Mid Terracotta
Spain Mid Terracotta Sale price$63.75
Tunsia Noir GripTunsia Noir Grip
Tunsia Noir Grip Sale price$74.30
Tunsia Carre Grip
Tunsia Carre Grip Sale price$74.30
Tennessee SmokeTennessee Smoke
Tennessee Smoke Sale price$58.90
Tennessee SilverTennessee Silver
Tennessee Silver Sale price$58.90
Tennessee GraphiteTennessee Graphite
Tennessee Graphite Sale price$58.90
Tennessee CreamTennessee Cream
Tennessee Cream Sale price$58.90
Aquitaine GrigioAquitaine Grigio
Aquitaine Grigio Sale price$105.75
Aquitaine BeigeAquitaine Beige
Aquitaine Beige Sale price$105.75
Rustica SilverRustica Silver
Rustica Silver Sale priceFrom $123.36
Rustica WhiteRustica White
Rustica White Sale priceFrom $123.36
Rustica DarkRustica Dark
Rustica Dark Sale priceFrom $123.36
Rustica GreyRustica Grey
Rustica Grey Sale priceFrom $123.36
Petra Marle Moon PaverPetra Marle Moon Paver
Petra Marle Moon Paver Sale price$99.55

Buy Outdoor Tiles in Melbourne        

For first-time buyers, the wide array of tile options available can be an exciting opportunity for exploration. With so many choices to consider, you'll have the chance to find the perfect tile that suits your needs and preferences. At Grand Tiling Concepts, we have extensive selections, so you buy the best outdoor tiles in Melbourne.

We offer durable tiles that are hard-wearing and low maintenance. It can be used for gardens or balconies and be laid on exterior floors and walls. They can add refinement to any open-air area and are suitable for all outdoor spaces.

Give Your Outdoor Space a New Look with Outdoor Tiles

It's quite common to see homes and establishments in Melbourne warmly embracing the beauty of the outdoors. Whether it's a rooftop terrace or a sidewalk café, these spaces are best to witness the city’s enchanting scenery. If your outdoor space needs a refreshing makeover, exquisite tiles can do the trick of elevating it. 

Moreover, our outdoor tiles can give your driveway the best possible appearance. Whether you envision a modern patio, a charming garden path, or a sophisticated alfresco dining area, outdoor tiles can make it happen. Additionally, our experts will help you choose the most appropriate tiles for your next outdoor renovation project.

Discover the Perfect Outdoor Floor Tiles in Melbourne

Beyond its visual appeal, outdoor floor tiles play an important role in improving the overall functionality of a house. With the help of this versatile flooring option, homeowners in Melbourne can design eye-catching outdoor patios, pathways and pool areas. Additionally, exterior tiling increases home value. For homeowners looking for ways to boost their home's marketability, this is a wise investment.

Outdoor floor tiles are greater in durability than their indoor counterparts. It also allows homeowners to personalise their outdoor spaces because they come in a wide variety of colours, textures, and patterns. It fits every design style, whether you are going for a modern or traditional style. Another option is to get outdoor pavers.

Melbourne's Most Durable and Stylish Outdoor Pavers

There are countless options for innovative design and creative expression with outdoor pavers. These well-made paving stones are incredibly durable and resilient to the elements. They provide property owners in Melbourne with diverse solutions for creating visually stunning and structurally sound outdoor spaces.

Outdoor pavers come in different forms, sizes, colours and materials. Homeowners can choose a particular design to achieve their architectural goals. Our outdoor pavers guarantee timeless beauty and functionality for years to come.

Why Choose Our Outdoor Tiles?

We are a trusted choice for many when it comes to great-quality outdoor tiles. You can choose from a wide array of affordable tiles designed to elevate your outdoor spaces. Our selection includes ceramic tiles, mosaics, pavers, and porcelain tiles. With us, you can modify your outdoor space to suit your aesthetic preferences. Here are the best qualities you can find in our tiles:

  • Durability: Melbourne's unpredictable weather patterns are no match for our durable outdoor tiles. These tiles are engineered to endure the city's changing seasons, ensuring they maintain their appeal for years to come.
  • Slip Resistance: Our tiles boast an excellent slip-resistance feature. This makes them perfect for your pool areas or any other space where moisture may be a concern. You can be sure that safety will remain in your place, especially during rainy days.
  • Variety of Styles and Colours: We have a collection that spans a wide spectrum of styles and colours. It makes it easy for you to find the perfect match for your outdoor renovation project.
  • Easy Maintenance: Our outdoor tiles are not only visually appealing but also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. This ensures you can spend more time enjoying your spaces without worrying about upkeep.

Contact Our Team

Visit us and explore the best outdoor tiles collection in Melbourne. Find the products that perfectly complement the design of your home you’ve envisioned. If you’re not sure which tile type will suit your existing space, you can request a sample of our outdoor tiles from just $3. Call us on 03 9530 5212 or email us at info@grandtilingconcepts.com.au or visit our showroom - 485 St Georges Road, Thornbury VIC 3071 to explore the beauty of our Outdoor Tiles.


Q: Can outdoor tiles be used for pool areas?

A: Yes, outdoor tiles are suitable for pool areas. These tiles provide a safe surface and also enhance the overall look of your outdoor.

Q: Do you offer samples of outdoor tiles?

A: Yes, we offer samples of our outdoor tiles from just $3. You can order a sample of our outdoor tiles and then choose the best products for your project. Feel free to call us on 03 9530 5212 for more assistance in selecting the perfect outdoor tiles.