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Folio Fontana TileFolio Fontana Tile
Folio Fontana Tile Sale price$244.75
Estate RosaEstate Rosa
Estate Rosa Sale price$131.30
Princes Warm TerrazzoPrinces Warm Terrazzo
Princes Warm Terrazzo Sale priceFrom $88.95
Lumen GreenLumen Green
Lumen Green Sale price$143.90
Estate Verde OscuroEstate Verde Oscuro
Estate Verde Oscuro Sale price$131.30
Radiance Terrazzo BeigeRadiance Terrazzo Beige
Radiance Terrazzo Beige Sale price$55.00
Medley Teal Gloss Wall TileMedley Teal Gloss Wall Tile
Medley Teal Gloss Wall Tile Sale price$154.75
Artisan Vienna TileArtisan Vienna Tile
Artisan Vienna Tile Sale price$269.75
Miscela Terra
Miscela Terra Sale price$151.90
Western Terrazzo Kimberley
Western Terrazzo Kimberley Sale price$157.90
Matera Lux ChiMatera Lux Chi
Matera Lux Chi Sale price$177.23
Empress MintEmpress Mint
Empress Mint Sale price$119.80
Park Lane Sapphire
Park Lane Sapphire Sale price$49.75
Whitehouse BlackWhitehouse Black
Whitehouse Black Sale price$59.80
Messina JadeMessina Jade
Messina Jade Sale priceFrom $145.30
Estate BlancoEstate Blanco
Estate Blanco Sale price$131.30
Empress Rose GoldEmpress Rose Gold
Empress Rose Gold Sale price$119.80
Vallejo EmeraldVallejo Emerald
Vallejo Emerald Sale price$151.90
Miscela Osso
Miscela Osso Sale price$151.90
Estate Snow
Estate Snow Sale price$131.30
Somerton Arba GreenSomerton Arba Green
Somerton Arba Green Sale price$117.55
Slimline Pickets BahiaSlimline Pickets Bahia
Slimline Pickets Bahia Sale price$134.34
70 Degree Rockface70 Degree Rockface
70 Degree Rockface Sale priceFrom $113.90
Clay Snow SlimClay Snow Slim
Clay Snow Slim Sale price$265.80
Gypsy Mustard  Gloss FeatureGypsy Mustard  Gloss Feature
Gypsy Mustard Gloss Feature Sale price$139.25
Bari Green DecorBari Green Decor
Bari Green Decor Sale price$131.75
Confetti MattoneConfetti Mattone
Confetti Mattone Sale price$154.50
Radiance Terrazzo CoffeeRadiance Terrazzo Coffee
Radiance Terrazzo Coffee Sale price$55.00
Medley Bordeaux Gloss Wall TileMedley Bordeaux Gloss Wall Tile
Park Lane SkyPark Lane Sky
Park Lane Sky Sale price$49.75
Whitehouse RedWhitehouse Red
Whitehouse Red Sale price$59.80
Estate CharcoalEstate Charcoal
Estate Charcoal Sale price$131.30
Crystal Quartz Bianco
Crystal Quartz Bianco Sale price$71.80
Lumen BlueLumen Blue
Lumen Blue Sale price$143.90
Petra Marle Chevron Mosaic Moon
Diondra WhiteDiondra White
Diondra White Sale price$84.25
Estate VerdeEstate Verde
Estate Verde Sale price$131.30
Sublime Rosa
Sublime Rosa Sale price$174.00
Sublime Verde
Sublime Verde Sale price$174.00
100x100 Zellige Argilla Gloss
Somerton BiancoSomerton Bianco
Somerton Bianco Sale price$121.00
Somerton Sahara BeigeSomerton Sahara Beige
Somerton Sahara Beige Sale price$121.00
Somerton Coral PinkSomerton Coral Pink
Somerton Coral Pink Sale price$121.00
Somerton BurgundySomerton Burgundy
Somerton Burgundy Sale price$121.00
Slimline Pickets MintSlimline Pickets Mint
Slimline Pickets Mint Sale price$133.34
Botanical Selva PlainBotanical Selva Plain
Botanical Selva Plain Sale price$143.00
Artisan Poco TileArtisan Poco Tile
Artisan Poco Tile Sale price$269.75
Calley Black Matt Subway
Calley Black Matt Subway Sale price$48.60
Bari Green  SubwayBari Green  Subway
Bari Green Subway Sale price$131.75
Tribeca Sage Green Gloss SubwayTribeca Sage Green Gloss Subway

Buy Feature Wall Tiles for Your Melbourne Home

When you want to add some flair to your renovation project, feature tiles are what you need. These tiles transform the look of your bathroom or living room by adding some contrast to your space. They add a touch of sophistication and personality to your home. At Grand Tiling Concepts, we understand the significance of feature wall tiles in creating a statement and adding character to your living spaces. We have an extensive collection of feature wall tiles in Melbourne in various sizes, styles, and colours.

Feature tiles are an impressive addition to any room. You can use these tiles to create colourful accent walls or an artistic kitchen splashback. They can add a touch of individuality to your home. Whether you aim to add a pop of colour or create a focal point in a room, these tiles deliver endless possibilities.

Feature Wall Tiles for Living Rooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms and More!

When you want to add a splash of colour to your indoor or outdoor spaces, feature wall tiles are the perfect option. These tiles reflect quality, style, and durability, letting you add a touch of character to your home. We have a collection of decorative feature tiles in multiple designs, finishes, and patterns. You can use them to create detailed floor patterns or aesthetic shower rooms.

Many of our wall tiles eliminate the need for sealing which makes them ideal for splashbacks, wet areas, and even outdoor spaces. These tiles are incredibly versatile, seamlessly fitting into every space of your house. Whether it's the kitchen, bathroom, or living room, these tiles effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of any room.

For requirements on feature wall tiles in Melbourne, Grand Tiling Concepts is here for you. We can help you build your dream space at affordable rates. We source only the finest materials to guarantee both durability and aesthetic appeal. Our talented designers can assist you in curating stunning tile combinations that seamlessly align with your style and vision. With a focus on quality, style, and customer satisfaction, Grand Tiling Concepts is here to transform your spaces. Call us on 03 9530 5212 or email us at info@grandtilingconcepts.com.au. You can also visit our showroom at 485 St Georges Road, Thornbury VIC 3071 to explore more.