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Radiance Terrazzo BeigeRadiance Terrazzo Beige
Radiance Terrazzo Beige Sale price$55.00
Deco Terrazzo Ivory
Deco Terrazzo Ivory Sale price$163.80
Peppy Terrazzo Beige
Peppy Terrazzo Beige Sale price$61.40
Royal White TerrazzoRoyal White Terrazzo
Royal White Terrazzo Sale price$49.00
Crypto Perla
Crypto Perla Sale price$110.55
Angel White TerrazzoAngel White Terrazzo
Angel White Terrazzo Sale price$61.40
Orbit TerrazzoOrbit Terrazzo
Orbit Terrazzo Sale price$73.50
Radiance Terrazzo CoffeeRadiance Terrazzo Coffee
Radiance Terrazzo Coffee Sale price$55.00
Briela Concrete WhiteBriela Concrete White
Briela Concrete White Sale price$69.90
Peppy Terrazzo Light
Peppy Terrazzo Light Sale price$61.40
Living Light Grigio
Living Light Grigio Sale price$56.15
Chapel WhiteChapel White
Chapel White Sale priceFrom $45.00
Chapel CharcoalChapel Charcoal
Chapel Charcoal Sale priceFrom $45.00
Splendour EccentricSplendour Eccentric
Splendour Eccentric Sale price$126.50
Deco Terrazzo EarthDeco Terrazzo Earth
Deco Terrazzo Earth Sale price$163.80
Deco Terrazzo Coral
Deco Terrazzo Coral Sale price$174.60
Radiance Terrazzo SilverRadiance Terrazzo Silver
Radiance Terrazzo Silver Sale price$55.00
Taal BeigeTaal Beige
Taal Beige Sale price$50.50
Noble Terrazzo BlackNoble Terrazzo Black
Noble Terrazzo Black Sale price$86.15
Illios WhiteIllios White
Illios White Sale price$80.50
Illios BoneIllios Bone
Illios Bone Sale price$80.50
Briela Concrete SandBriela Concrete Sand
Briela Concrete Sand Sale price$69.90
Natural Stone IceNatural Stone Ice
Natural Stone Ice Sale price$56.15
Crypto Bianco
Crypto Bianco Sale price$110.55
Stone Aura MoonStone Aura Moon
Stone Aura Moon Sale price$98.60
Stone Aura BlueStone Aura Blue
Stone Aura Blue Sale price$98.60
Venetian Porpora Terrazzo
Venetian Porpora Terrazzo Sale price$140.35
Venetian Grafite Terrazzo
Venetian Grafite Terrazzo Sale price$140.35
Venetian Calce Terrazzo
Venetian Calce Terrazzo Sale price$140.35
Prodigy WhiteProdigy White
Prodigy White Sale priceFrom $44.90
Prodigy GraphiteProdigy Graphite
Prodigy Graphite Sale priceFrom $44.90
Hule RustHule Rust
Hule Rust Sale price$118.95
Resort Rainbow TerrazzoResort Rainbow Terrazzo
Resort Rainbow Terrazzo Sale price$96.50
Splendour DelightSplendour Delight
Splendour Delight Sale price$122.90
Splendour BlissSplendour Bliss
Splendour Bliss Sale price$122.90
Jinx SandJinx Sand
Jinx Sand Sale price$114.50
Jinx SaltJinx Salt
Jinx Salt Sale price$114.50
Deco Terrazzo Grey
Deco Terrazzo Grey Sale price$163.80
Deco Terrazzo Blue
Deco Terrazzo Blue Sale price$174.60
Taal Light GreyTaal Light Grey
Taal Light Grey Sale price$50.50
Noble Terrazzo Ice
Noble Terrazzo Ice Sale price$86.15
Noble Terrazzo Grey
Noble Terrazzo Grey Sale price$86.15
Tennessee WhiteTennessee White
Tennessee White Sale price$58.90
Finest Snow TerrazzoFinest Snow Terrazzo
Finest Snow Terrazzo Sale price$57.40
Bali PolichromeBali Polichrome
Bali Polichrome Sale price$105.75
Tundra BayTundra Bay
Tundra Bay Sale priceFrom $47.85
Astoria ShadowAstoria Shadow
Astoria Shadow Sale price$145.30
Rubis LusciousRubis Luscious
Rubis Luscious Sale price$142.75
Jade LusciousJade Luscious
Jade Luscious Sale price$142.75
Mona Stone Grigio
Mona Stone Grigio Sale price$127.31

Buy Bathroom Floor Tiles in Melbourne

Renovating your bathroom involves more than just functionality; it's about finding the perfect tiles to enhance the bathroom renovation experience. Bathroom floor tiles can drastically improve the aesthetics of your home. Grand Tiling Concepts brings high-quality bathroom floor tiles in Melbourne at affordable prices. We use cutting-edge technology to bring elegance and simplicity to our designs. For a huge range of wall tiles for your bathroom renovations, trust us.

You can choose from a stunning range of floor tiles in different looks and finishes. Our curation focuses on durability and easy maintenance. Whether you want a concrete look or bold feature, we have everything you’d imagine. Let our experts transform your home into a relaxing retreat. Our tile collection boasts a variety of designs and shapes, porcelain, stone and ceramics. Our approach ensures your bathroom aligns seamlessly with your home's ambience.

Customise Your Space with Our Unique Bathroom Floor Tiles

A unique bathroom floor tile can redefine the space and add a touch of individuality. The power to transform your space lies in choosing the right floor tiles. When customising your bathroom, the tiles can add a touch of sophistication to your shower and changing area. You can opt for subtle hues or bold patterns according to your bathroom size and pattern. With such a wide range of styles, colours, and patterns, our collection lets you customise your interior space. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or intricate designs, our tiles offer versatile options.

We Help You Find the Perfect Bathroom Floor Tiles for Your Style

Do you need help finding the perfect tiles for your bathrooms? We're here to help you choose bathroom floor tiles by taking into account important things like style, material, durability, and price. Whether your style is contemporary or modern, we can assist you in designing your dream space.

Skip the design guesswork! Visit Grand Tiling Concepts, where we have an extensive collection of bathroom floor tile samples in Melbourne. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect tile to match your style and budget. Order a bathroom floor tile sample for just $3 and feel the quality, see the finish, and ensure it's the perfect match for your dream bathroom. It is a risk-free way to check if the tile works in your space.

Grand Tiling Concepts stands as your go-to destination for bathroom floor tiles in Melbourne. We prioritise customisation, quality, and affordability to ensure a seamless experience. Our team of designers and tilers offer comprehensive tiling solutions for your property.

  • Excellent designs
  • Quality assurance
  • Transformative results
  • Trusted by many homeowners and builders
  • Expert design consultations

From tile curation to expanding our services, we've become a reliable choice for many tiling projects. Contact us on 03 9530 5212 or drop us an email at for consultations or booking your tiles samples.